Administration zone

Organise your whole business

From initial work order request through to completion, users can book and then access current status and view the most updated representation of current workloads and job schedules.



Key features

Main features of this zone are

  • Profiles

    Set up your resources profiles to minimise costs and increase efficiency and service delivery

  • Work Order Management

    Book work either directly or through connected modules. Booking process be tailored for industry compliance

  • Flexibility

    Setup your configuration to match your customers requirements.

  • Visability

    Your teams will be able to access whatever they need whenever they need it.

  • Reporting

    Whether you need internal or regulatory reporting, reports can be customised to your individual needs with dashboards that provide an at a glance view of key performance

Our Complete Service Product

This is where you manage the whole process and it is the main interface for work orders, inspections, claims management, allocation, progression and client communication. The system dynamically pushes and receives information to and from other zones or key systems.

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